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Divide by zero error

Hi, I have two environment, one is my test and other is my development. I am getting below error in test Divide by zero error encountered.
but same error i am not getting in my development environment with similar data. Do you know any way to stop above errors. Thanks and Regards Ravi K
Hi ya, presumably this is as a result of a statement? if so, then could you let us know what the statement is? The basic answer will probably be to use a CASE clause within the statement to check for the divisor being 0 and returning a value rather than performing the division… Cheers

I don’t think you have same data in both places do some thing like this Select DIV,Area, Case When Print_Sol = 0 Then 0
Else Print_Cart / Print_Sold End As Printer From Application_Currys.Attach_Emp
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Add a check for the zero situation before the offending piece of code, and handle accordingly. And you should have added this in the first place.[8D]
Post the code you used Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
Check settings on ‘arithabort’ values. Satya SKJ
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AFAIK, using SET ARITHABORT will owkr only for INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE from BOL When an INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE statement encounters an arithmetic error (overflow, divide-by-zero, or a domain error) during expression evaluation when SET ARITHABORT is OFF, SQL Server inserts or updates a NULL value. If the target column is not nullable, the insert or update action fails and the user receives an error. —————————————-
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