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Do i have to run killpwd.exe even this days?

Here is the article that sugest to run killpwd.exe after instalation of any sp
on sql server.
This article was published at 2001.
So i am wondering is that article still valid?;en-us;263968&
When I read to the bottom of the article, it says what is valid for, which includes sql 7, up to sp 4, and and sql 2000 up to sp2 (all versions). This tells me that MS has kept this relatively current (sql7sp4 was released Apr 26, 2002 so the aritcle is at least that current – although there are no newer full sql 7sps since then) If you are past sp2 on sql2000 you should be okay. If not, then I would continue to run the utility. The other thing you can do, is check the locations manually first to see if the password is there. So check the files Sqlsp.log, Setup.iss and see if there a password in them. If so, then, yes, keep running it. There is very little to be lost in applying diligence when it comes to security. Many people have been sc***ed big time by not taking small extra steps. Chris
thank you .
The files will be created every time you do a clean install of SQL7 or SQL 2000. If you entered the sa password it will be shown in those files with a weak encryption. So do as mentioned above and always check if the files are there. /Argyle