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Does a user wid db_owner role need xtra permisson

I have some databases each of them have only 2 user dbo and the other user.This other user have db_owner fix database role. Now when I right click on db then select the permission tab I can see the checkboxes beside the users unchecked.
Why is it so?Does checking this checkbox will add any extra power to user who already have a db_owner role
One more thing I observed even though the check boxes(create table,create view,create storedprocedure,create default,create funcions ,backup databases ,backup log) are unchecked,all these tasks are performed by a user with db_owner role. I am wondering what will the circumstances where this permission will be needed

A member of the db_owner role is kind of like sysadmin for that database, and has total control over the database. I wonder what happens if you deny the user certain permissions – but I don’t think it will have any effect.