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Doesn’t Print a Value on the paper SQL 2005

Can someone please help me with this? I have a value displayed on a report header which does not print on the paper, we can see the value when exported or previwed in Reportviewer. For example:-
I list the value in the header refering to ReportItems
=ReportItems!InputBox1.Value This works great on runtime and exporting you can see the value in the header, but when printed to paper the values doesn’t show. Any Ideas..Please Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!!
We have the same issue too. Upon research we found that this happens due to the width of the headers. In some case you will be able to correct this by increasing the width of the column. Also I noticed this to happen most of the times when you change the flow of words to display the headers vertically. Other forums say that this is a bug in reporting services
till now we still got to set the paper size ourselves..if you increase the size too much and it exceeded the A4 size, the report will look good on the screen but when printed out using the print icon from sql reporting services, the page got all messed up. one page will ended up two or even more sometimes. wonder when this can be fixed.
Thanks for the reply. I have another issue with the values rendered runtime in the report header not showing up when exported to excel. The value is refered to ReportItems!TextBox1.Value in the Header.
Don’t understand why it disappears when export to excel.Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
is it hide in the excel column? maybe the column had been collapse with another column thus you got to expand the column in order to see the value.
No it is not hidden, I did try expanding the column, Seems like the value is not being imported.
An extract from SQL Server Books Online regarding printing.
Seems this issue is solved in 2005. Printing Reports To print a report that has been published to a report server, use Report Manager or a browser to open the report that you want to print. After you open the report, you must export it to a format that is designed for print output. Exporting your report places the report in a different viewer; you can use the print features of the viewer to print your report. Export formats that are recommended for printing include Acrobat (PDF), Web archive (MHTML), and TIFF. You can select any one of these formats once the report is open. You must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before you can export to Acrobat (PDF) format. Note that if you choose Web archive, the report may include the report path at the bottom of every page. You can set browser options to omit path information on a printed page. Printing a report in the default HTML format is not recommended. If your report extends beyond one page, only the first page will be printed. HTML report pages may also include additional page elements that you do not necessarily want to include in a printed report.
Regarding using ReportItems!TextBox1,
Check if the value is displayed in all the pages when you are running the report from report manager. It can happen that, if you have groupings, TextBox1 should be from inner groups header or has to check repeat group header in all pages, option.
Thanks Babin, with that referral finally got afix for my problem,
We need to make sure two things 1)reapet groupheader option in all pages is set to true.2) Hidden option for the groupheader is set to false.