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Hi All,
What would happen if I had a table (<domain01>user01 ableX)in database01 on domain01, when the server moves to domain02 ? Will I still be able to see the users tables he created in domain01 ?
Users are Windows Authentication or SQL Authentication? Luis Martin …Thus mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.
Bertrand Russell
Just to clarify: 1. You have a SQL Server in a Windows 2K/2003 domain.
2. The server has a database which contains tables created by users within that domain.
3. You want to move the server to another domain.
4. You are wondering if you would be able to see and/or access the tables originally created by the users in the previous domain. Am I correct upto there? Nathan H.O.
Yes Nathan exactly.
Luis, Yes the users are NT authenticated with the odd sql authentication.
No you can’t access the tables using the old users’ credentials because they are now invalid (orphaned). You will need to remap the old users’ accounts to new users’ accounts in the new domain. There is a tool for doing this called Mapsids.exe on the Microsoft site but you should read this article first before trying anything ;Q240872#4];[LN];Q240872#4 The tool allows you to run this code: EXEC sp_SidMap @old_domain = old_domain_name,
@new_domain = new_domain_name,
@old_server = old_server_name,
@new_server = new_server_name There are no guarantees that this will work – so try this on a copy of the database.
Nathan H.O.
Thank you Nathan I will look into this article and do some tests.