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Download data from Oracle 8 to SQL Server 2005

Hi, I have a table in Oracle 8 and a table in SQL Server 2005 with the same schema. I have created a SSIS to pull data (2 million rows) from the table in Oracle to the table in SQL Server 2005. However, i find that it takes very long time to do so. It takes about 2 hours. However, when i copy the data from the table to another table both in SQL 2005. It takes only few minutes…….. So what’s the problem? Thanks,
Try with a linked server
however, I think it will take more than sql server 2005 anyway —————————————-
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Try exporting the data from oracle to a txt file then bulk insert txt into sql 2005…
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Using SSIS is reliable method but in this case you have to consider how you are pulling the rows and also network contention and bandwidth from Oracle to SQL Server. we do get lot of complaints from our users in similar, every time it found out to be they are pulling too many rows from Oracle that are not required, so having such limited set of colums or required data will get you more performance. Satya SKJ
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