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drop user from sys.server_principals

how can we drop an user from sys.server_principals . I did once before , but i forgot the sqls now thanks
Priyaram It is just a catalog view and not a table. I dont think you can delete anything from that. It is used only to view the data. Satya
principal from BOL
Principals are entities that can request SQL Server resources. Like other components of the SQL Server authorization model, principals can be arranged in a hierarchy. The scope of influence of a principal depends on the scope of the definition of the principal: Windows, server, database; and whether the principal is indivisible or a collection. A Windows Login is an example of an indivisible principal, and a Windows Group is an example of a principal that is a collection. Every principal has a security identifier (SID). use these statements drop login sqllogin
sp_droplogin sqllogin
sp_revokelogin windows login Madhu