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DST and SQLJobs @ 2am

hi, all: As we in the USA all know, DST begins this weekend. Although there are no specific SQL patches necessary, as it is based on the OS patch, except for Notification Services, however, what are dba’s doing about sql jobs that are scheduled Sunday @2:00am? (actually between 2 and 3?) Because when the clock turns for DST we in effect go from 1AM to 3AM. Doesn’t that mean that any jobs betweeen 2 and 3 will not run. What are you all doing about this? Especially when dealing w/multiple sql servers? Is this a non-issue, or do I have to adjust my schedule? TIA ————————-
Read the "Effect of the DST end date on scheduled SQL Server Agent jobs" in the followign KB article… http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931975 There is a known issue in which scheduled SQL Server Agent jobs cannot run for one hour during the period when the November 2007 DST change occurs. After the clock is changed back from 2:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. on November 4, 2007, SQL Server Agent jobs would skip the next hour and wait until 2:00 A.M. to start next run. This is a known issue. This issue occurred even under the pre-2007 DST conventions. This issue does not result from the changes to DST in 2007. MohammedU.
So, March 2007 DST is NOT affected. Please summarize YES/NO. I am working on a script, but the definitive answer can save me a lot of work.
Much appreciated!!
I believe the answer is YES…
Before writing the code read the aricle… it will worth it… MohammedU.
Thanks MohammedU for all your answers current and previous posts!<br />Have a great weekend! Now I’ll sleep better <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ />