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DTA only works for simple queries?

Hi There Is anyone else experiencing problems with DTA when query tuning? Basically DTA only works is i try tune a very simple query, like a simple select with a where clause on 1 column. As soon as i try tune a slightly complex query with a few joins etc it never works. It simply runs forever, if i try try stop it with reccomendations or set an end time when i start tunigng the query it always simply says an error occurred? I am running SS2005 ENterprise Edition SP1. Is it just me or am i missing something here ? Thanx
I have worked with DTA but haven’t come across any issues like this. Anyway, for the better results, it will be better if you can try by breaking your script into several parts —————————————-
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Well i cannot , it is a single update statement joinging to a view, thats it, but DTA keeps falling over ? Could it have somethig to do with the size fo the tables it is eing tuned against ?