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I have a dts package which I scheduled as a job. Now I forgot what is the name of that particular package, is there any way that I could be able to find out the package name from the job ( the dts package step will be encrypted in the job).
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If you have created the job by right clicking the DTS pkg and schedule, then the job name will be automatically the Package name.
Also you can find out by doing a right click on the job. In the General tab, you will get some information on which pkg it is executing.
Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot.
But all of the fields in the ‘general’ tab can be edited, so they do not give you reliable information. I have one of such jobs, too. Actually, there are two slightly different packages and I do not know which one is executed each night. (I’d delete the other one if I knew.) I thought of creating a new job fo both of the packages and then compare the DTSRun /~Z0x1…
line in Step1. But this has low priority, so I still do not know whether it’d work.
If you have scheduled both the DTS jobs then execute them seperately to check which one is needed.
Only with name of DTS package you can findout which one is executing, by enabling DTS log for each package. Satya SKJ
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Ah, this sounds like a good idea. I’ll enable the logs immediately. <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />