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DTS and FTP simple Q – I hope

I’m new to the FTP functionality in DTS pkgs and my question is how do I set it up so that I can use the DTS pkg to SEND a file using FTP? I only noticed the functionality that enables me to GET a file over FTP. In other words, the Source is FTP but the Destination is a local directory, I want the opposite. Any suggestions?
DTS provides no method for ‘putting’ via ftp. You’ll have to cruft it up yourself using either a batchfile or dynamic sql. Both are easy solutions to impliment as part of a dts package though. If you don’t need dts, you can still do it through a batchfile or dynamic sql and call it from a procedure…
check out this page:http://www.sqldts.com/default.aspx?302 It is a custom FTP task that can PUT and GET…i havent tried the upload functionality, but i know it can do it! ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’ – Adam Savage
Looks like I’m going to use a DTS pkg to call a batch file, since I’m much more familiar with that. Thanks eveyone for your feedback.
If you install the custom task from sqldts.com, it appears in the DTS designer interface just like the existing tasks, and its REALLY easy to use use the custom task…also gives you the ability to check whether the FTP task completed correctly- not sure if you would have that option from a batch file?!?! ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’ – Adam Savage
http://www.nigelrivett.net/FTP/s_ftp_GetFile.html Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail