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DTS or Backup

Can I do an individual backup of a table while still allowing access to write?
Does DTS allow the table to be written to while it is exporting data?
My issue is I have data that will be continuously inserted….if I lock the db or table then that data maybe lost….
Thanks for any suggestions
Yes it does while DTSing is in progress, but you need to check on expored table whether the inserted record exists or not. _________
Satya SKJ

What about backup of an individual table ….can I still insert..Im use to dumps where the tables are locked…
You cannot to do a backup a single table using BACKUP statement.
Only using DTS can export the data. _________
Satya SKJ

But you can create the table on a saperate file group and then take its backup. This way you can take backup of individual table. Gaurav
U must be tired of me by now….I will have to look into "creating tables on separate file groups" …Im sure Ill be back with more questions…thanks again
In addition to Gaurau’s tip, you can take backup filegroups. But its feasible in real time produciton environment. _________
Satya SKJ