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DTS performance

i have a DTS package that does a "copy sql server objects". it takes 30 minutes to transfer data to one location.
60 minutes to another different physical location.(located further from source data) looking at the network perf. counter i see the Bytes Total / Sec is twice as high for the 30 minutes transfer. (makes sense) my question is how can i speed SQL Server up so that is can transfer this DTS data faster? there is no Disk Queuing issues at any time during these transfers. i know DTS does a Truncate Table, Select * from table, Bulk Insert into table. – i tried doublling the Network Packet Size in sp_configure.
– also disabed Named Pipes cause I know this is slower when going longer distances.
(neither of these things speed it up)
any ideas?
Dump/copy the objects into a working DB, detach the working DB, move the working DB’s files to the remote server, attach at the remote server, then process on the remote server?
don’t really want to do that. are there any sql server configurations that can make it transfer this data faster?

also seeing that the
Bytes Total / Sec varies greatly depending on the table DTS is copying from. wierd. cause all of these are Select * from Table. not seeing and locking/blocking issues either.

Check this
http://www.sql-server-performance.com/dts.asp —————————————-

Few more
http://www.databasejournal.com/features/mssql/article.php/1499481 —————————————-

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read all these before. anyone have any personal expereinces in speeding up sql server data transfers?