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Dual CPU in SQL 2000

We have a Dual processor SQL 2000 box and another IT person had told us to only tick one CPU and having two ticked reduces performance. Sounds rediculas to me. basicly in ‘SQL server properties’ click the ‘processor’ tab, and make sure only one CPU is ticked in the ‘Processor Control’ Can someone please explain if this is correct or not and why? Thanks guys Alex
By default SQL Server will automatically use all CPU available. On the server properties page make sure that all CPU’s are checked. If you are running SQL 7 on a server with more than one CPU then a single query can take advantage of multiple CPUs by splitting its workload across more than one processor. Satya SKJ
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So basicly what this companys is saying is a load of tosh? i thought it would be obviouse that more that one CPU improves performance?
Not everything in multiprocessor world is bright and shining.

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True but overall peroformance should increase. dispite the odd error?