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Dumping data to a flat file

I hope this is the right forum for this question. My place business has come up with a new backup strategy but according to management, for us to use this new tivoli tool to back up our data, we have to first dump all of our data on our database to a flat file. Can someone, please advise me on how to do this. I know I can use dts to move data back and forth but is there a way to do a dump of *all* the data on our db? Thanks in advance.
I think you want to backup the databasae to disk (backup file or device) instead of sending it striaght to tape.
backup database pubs to disk = ‘e:pubs_backup.bak’ with init This will create a backup file to disk.
Tell your management team that they are all idiots. Tivoli can tie into the backup API that SQL Server has. If they are determined to do this, you can use bcp or DMO. Nigel has a bunch of information on that: http://www.nigelrivett.net/ MeanOldDBA
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