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Duplicacy in primary key field

Is this possible that the primary key field of a table which is an Autoincrement field,take duplicate values.If yes, then what are the reasons behind it and how this duplicacy can be removed?
If it is Primary key, it wont allow duplicates. If you think identity column to be of Primary key it is wrong. You can insert values to them using SET IDENTITY_INSERT Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
By definition, duplicates are not allowed.
I’ve seen such a case only once this far and it was due to a misconfiguration of a SAN. The guy in question there wrote about such duplicates in a thread and, I think, about 1,5 years later posted a solution. They called Microsoft and the SAN vendor and together they managed to work it out after that long time. Are you sure the IDENTITY column is the PRIMARY KEY? If not, IDENTITY itself is no guarantee for uniqueness. —
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