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Duplicate Insertion

I tried my technical support with no solutions or even possible ones, so I will give the experts a try. Last week there was a time frame which had the temp of a room inserted to the humidity cell for about a 2hour period, 15min samples.
Example: DateTime:Temp:Humidity
Feb 4 7:00:00:63.227:63.227
Feb 4 7:00:02: :39.04
Feb 47:15:00:62.247:62.247
Feb 47:15:02: :39.14 As you can see, the problem corrected itself seconds after. I haven’t seen this happen again so far. The client nor server showed anything on the event logs. I have a parallel client server which had the objects inserted correctly with the same values. Any probable cause would help me for the investigation. (This is a validated enviroment)
Of course a solution would be great too, if it showed up again. the

Have you run profiler to see what the syntax is that’s used to do the insert?