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Duplicate Rows

I am able to find duplicate rows in my table and I want to get rid of that but the thing is the table has an IDENTITY row as a PK, if i am deleting few rows how does the IDENTITY number reseed? Thanks!
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It doesn’t reseed by itself, you have to execute the DBCC CHECKIDENT command – check BOL for the exact syntax.
And you dont have to renumber it. It is not needed actually Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
do I need to execute DBCC CHECKIDENT for the row where i deleted so that it has continuation number.
say I deleted row 8, how can i get number 8 for row 9. Thanks!
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Thats what referred above to run DBCC CHECKIDENT against the table to get the correct values. Satya SKJ
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You can’t "renumber" the identity column on existing records. There’s really no need to. Also, if you are using this as a FK on a detail record, you want to keep the existing values. If you’re looking for a numbering system that never leaves a gap, you have to look at other methods – like adding the number after the record is committed.
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