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DWH Server Configuration

Hello there, my name is Erick and I’m working with a DWH provided by a
foreign company, the DB is in SQL Server Enterprise Edition. Right now my server has this specifications:
Intel Xeo Cpu 3.06 GHZ, 2GB Ram, and disk capacity 100 GB (Raid 5), 10 GB
for OS and SQL DB and the rest for the DWH, the problem is that the ETL
takes aprox 4h and the cube recreation another 4h, I only have 30GB free
space, the main DB has 50GB of data, the process takes all the server
memory, my company bougth this server according the specifications that the
developer company suggested, but now we see that this server is going to
collapse very soon. This is a resume of my situation, according to your
expertise what can you recomend me to make a solution for my server.

can you provide more info on the ETL,
does that include copying the data over the network,
or just to load the text data into the db?
if just to load into the db, is the db recovery model set to simple?
also, how much data is being loaded?
yukon will have some nice features to facilitate data loading, but for now, just get by. on the cube, how much memory and virtual is used by analysis server?
go to perfmon, process object, find the analysis server process, and get the private bytes, virtual bytes and working set during the cube build
AS, unlike SQL Server must have address space to work with,
for this on large cubes, you must have a 64-bit machine, even if its only 2 CPUs