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dynamic filename

I think I may have mis-guided some of you in my previous post.
So I thought I explain it properly this time in a new post… Here is the description of the ssis package: Inside the connection manager there is a connection to the sql server database and a flat file connection. The flat file connection inside the connection manager has the expression set
i.e. ConnectionString set to @[User::FileName] And so there is nothing inside the connectionstring property of this flatfile connection. Inside control flow: 1) Dataflow which contains a flat file source and an ole db destination The flatfile source is supposed to pickup the .csv file that gets passed to the ssis package.
Then the ole db destination is where the .csv gets imported into a sql server table. 2) Back in the control flow, there is a task that calls a stored procedure with the parameter which is set to FileName The question is:
How does this FileName parameter gets set before it is passed to the stored procedure? Many thanks