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Maybe too late, but try posting to an Oracle-related mailing list likehttp://www.lazydba.com . It’s quite active! Frank
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Satya SKJ
SQL-Server-Performance.Com —this was other thread posted by Curt— curtanium2
Posted – 11/18/2003 : 14:18:57
——————————————————————————– I’m a student and I’m having some problems. I an running an Oracle 8i database. I wanted to get the DBA views, so I ran the catalog.sql and then the catproc.sql. They had alot of errors during the run. Now not only do I not have the V$ views, but when I try to run and DBA_ , dictionary stuff then the sqlplus crashes. Also, now I cannot drop anything!!! drop table new
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-04098: trigger ‘SYS.JIS$ROLE_TRIGGER$’ is invalid and failed re-validation (Above is the error) Can someone please give me some advise on something I can run to restore or get around this… The DB is on another server and I am connecting as the user name I was issued with all privileges if this helps. Thanks
Curt LuisMartin
Moderator Posted – 11/18/2003 : 16:14:11
——————————————————————————– Duplicate post. Please delete it. Luis Martin
——————————————————————————– Curt This is SQL Server based forum and your question will be answered in Oracle forums.
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