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Each login can register and adm their db by EM

I have a server with 400 db>Each db has its own login and one user(excluding sa).I want to give administrative rights to each and every login,such that each login can fully administrator the db with which it is associated, and login cant see or do admin activities other 399 database.Avove all while using dts alo he cant see any other db name apart from his own db.How to accompolish this
Hi aaronsandy,
I think there is a databse access option while creating logins. under that you can
specify which database can be accessed by that particular login.
Before that you can specify server roles to accomplish various administrative tasks.
Hi,<br /><br />To create the logins: grant login, grant db access, assign to dbo.<br />You can use sp_addlogin/sp_grantlogin (SLor Windows), sp_grantdbaccess and sp_addrolemember<br /><br />However, it sounds like you already have the logins created. Unless you have assigned other rights, all you need is <br /><br />use dbnamehere<br />sp_addrolemember db_owner, ‘loginnamehere'<br /><br />repeat 400 times or script it <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;)‘ />
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