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Easy ( I hope) Replication question

I have 2 servers. S1 and S2. <br /><br />I just onfigured one of them as "Distribution". S1.<br /><br />I want to Publish from S2 to S1. <br /><br />So, on S2, "replication/publiaction" tree, I chose "new publication". Wizard pops up. The first screen I get is : Select Distributor Choose a distributor for this server becuase it is a new Publisher". There are 2 RadioButtons on this page with the second radio button grayed out . This radiobutton has "Use the following server (the selected server must already be onfigured as Distributor)".<br /><br />Howome it’s grayed out?? and It does NOT have the name of my S1 distributer server in there. The only option I get is to use S2 as distributor which i dont want to do.<br /><br />How can I ungray it?? ( Staya? <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /> )