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Email report to operator if process failed

I have checked in front of ‘Email report to operator:#%92 in Database Maintenance Plan window in production server. The server sends me emails to show if the job is Successful or Failed. Like: SQL Server DB Maintenance Report – ServerNameDatabaseName Transaction Log (Success) Every hour, I receive 2 emails for transaction logs and everyday I have emails regarding Optimization, Integrity checks and DB backups for databases that I have set. In last two months I had only one failed and it helped me to fix the problem but I have to delete lots of emails everyday. How can I set the server to send me an email ONLY if the process failed?
Open up the job in SQL Agent got to properties and under the notifications tab you’ll find what you are looking for.
Thank you Raulie, I found and set the jobs. How can I set the server to page me on a failure? Under notification tab, I can set send to whom or page whom but how can I set it to do dialing and page my pager or cellphone? CanadaDBA
You have to configure the operator’s pager settings in sql agent Operators.
It is asking me for a pager e-mail. What is it? I am going to read BOL. But can you give me some more hints, please.
quote:Originally posted by Raulie You have to configure the operator’s pager settings in sql agent Operators.

It won’t dial your pager or any number for that matter. To set this up, you would need to buy a third-party software. Almost all pagers and cellphones have an email address now. It’s usually [email protected] for example. My Sprint PCS phone is [email protected] You have it "page" to that email address and it sends a text message to your pager or cellphone. Just call your pager or cellphone company and get the email address for your company. Also, make sure there’s no "maximum" text length on your messages and overall monthly limits. If there is, plan your page messages accordingly. When I worked for MCI years ago, we had very small limits we were unaware of. My group got a pager bill from MCI Paging for ohhhhhhh around 30k. That didn’t go over too well. Better safe then sorry. MeanOldDBA
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Thank you Derrick! I got my cell’s page address and was able to set the server to page me. Test page successfully was sent to my cell and I received it. CanadaDBA