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EMERGENCY- Clarification please

We have a SQL / Windows Cluster of two db servers. Yesterday, one node crashed and HP recommended upgrading the firmware/driver to the latest version.. We deployed 7.40 B Support pack etc..and restored registry. Got that server back up and running. Now, Is it best to complete the same upgrades ASAP on the other node to keep both cluster nodes on the same version (in sync) OR Can we wait till next weekend (our release protocols) and expect no issues arising because of this difference in firmware versions of the two nodes? I just do not feel comfortable leaving the two nodes in different firmware/driver versions. Please let me know your inputs. thanks a lot
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Next weekend is not this weekend?
If not, I suggest to upgrade.
Luis Martin
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Unless HP has specific reasons to believe the cause of the crash was related to their firmware, i am more inclined to think it is software related,
which needs to be monitored carefully to determine if this is a recurring event or a one time random event (soft errors in memory or processor is a possibility) i would apply the firmware/bios patch on any weekend,
after firmware patches, i like to reboot a few times looking for any error messages
Before all that contact the vendor the cause of the issue and test the firmware upgrade and it tends to spoil the system sometimes. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. We went ahead and applied last weekend on the other cluster node too. We are monitoring for messages. The problem is MicroSoft is defensive and KEEP telling it is a HP issue. HP just said you have to upgrade your firmware/driver to at least the "support pack 7.40B"
for us to make any comment ! The disk errors were all on C: drive and happened on both nodes. Luckyly, only of them crashed. Hard to imagine what would have happened, if both nodes had crashed. At times, it is frustrating when they keep blaming each other and we only suffer due to downtime. Thanks,
Anand.K Purity, patience, and perseverance are the three essentials to success
and, above all, love – Swami Vivekananda
it actually sounds like HP is accepting that it is their issue.
bios people generally do not like explaining what went wrong, just to update to the latest. the big vendors (HP,IBM) try to put alot of management functionality into the bios/firmware, to differentiate themselves from white box, build yourself systems, equivalent to: I am from the government, I am here to help occasionaly, there is a goof in the code