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Empty DateTime field

Hi All What to do when the front end app, (Foxpro) utilises empty dates.
So far I can have .NULL. or 01/01/1900. Regards
No idea. Can you be a bit more specific? Roji. P. Thomas
SQL Server MVP

.NULL. and 01/01/1900 appear to be string expressions, but where do you find these in your system – is it in column defaults, query statements … ? If you are issuing queries against any back-end, even FoxPro, 01/01/1900 is a specific date. Perhaps the system was designed by someone who did not understand the concept of nulls in date columns? Or perhaps this is a very early version of FoxPro that doesn’t support blank dates? (Note that the Date variable type in VBA doesn’t accept nulls either, which indirectly causes a lot of headaches as most of the time you have to revert to Variant, and you always have to code around international date formats.)