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Enterprise and Standard SS 2000 on the same box?

We have a SQL Server 2000 Enterprises Edition installation on a server which uses log shipping to backup some databases. We have another application that we do not want to log ship for backup. Apparently, if we run this application under SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition we can save liscensing costs. Is it possible to run SQL Server Enterprise and SQL Server Standard on the same box? Thanks folks,

I think you can’t have two diffrent installation of SQL Services on same box.
Whereas you can have multiple instances of one Services on same box in Enterprise Edition.
Yes, in differents instances.
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Yes, you can have only one default instance and 16 names instances irrespective of editions. ENsure the server is equipped with resources such as memory, cpu and other aspects. We have similar service that has 2 different editions to handle the application with no issues. Satya SKJ
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