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Enterprise Manager for MAC

Hi All, One of my users is using Enterprise Manager for Macintosh (SQL4X)…which unfortunately i don’t have any background yet. The user is trying to update a table but when the query finished (reporting some rows affected) and the user do a select count(*)… it seems that the update did not occur. What seems to be the problem here? My server is running Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000 with updated SPs. Jon M
As far as I know, a tool such as Enterprise Manager for Macintosh is not available for SQL Server. But I think think there may be an Oracle tool with a similar name. If this is the case, then this is why it is no working. Besides, you probably don’t want a user updating SQL Server tables directly, no matter what tool they have. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
True, and we no longer have the AppleTalk network library for use with SQL Server 2000. You
would have to use the TCP/IP on the Mac client and get an SQL Server ODBC Driver for the Mac. Satya SKJ
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Thanks. Jon M