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Enterprise vs Standard

Does Enterprise edition REQUIRE a better spec server to run.
As I understand it, Enterprise Edition will take advantage of better hardware in a way that standard edition wont, but if Enterprise was installed on a single processor machine with 512MB, would it perform much worse than a Standard installation would?
Just trying to resolve some issues on one of our servers… Thanks

Not really as you said and fact is EE should take advantage on H/w than SE.
What are the issues you’re having?
Satya SKJ

In your case, EE would run identically in speed to SE. As satya said, EE can take advantage of more hardware, if it exists, but if it doesn’t exist, then performance will be the same. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
Ok Thanks guys. This is as expected. The issues im having is one development server keeps freezing up maybe every 15 minutes for 3 minutes, then resuming as normal. Ive spent a long time profiling and performance monitoring but cannot see any reason why it occurs. The machine has been reformatted and reinstalled from scratch, and it still occurs.. Personally I think its a hardware fault somewhere, but its the only server running enterprise edition so I just thought Id check I wasnt missing anything.

What kind of activity is on that machine for freezing up?
As you’d already invoked necessary tools to find out the bottlneck, and I prefer to blame it on H/w part may be some loose contact on cards or part. I reckon we had similar issue in past with a box (which manges 50+ user connections, 2GB DB) where the problem with a memory chip was fitted loose and pressing it back to the slot worked and never had anymore issues with that box. HTH _________
Satya SKJ

I have never seen a server act like you have described, unless there was software corruption or hardware problems. Since you have rebuild the software, hardware is also my guess. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
Oddly enough, we uninstalled enterprise edition, installed standard edition, and the problem has not appeared again since.
Even though you have installed SE and it seems to fix the problem, I still feel it’s a hardware issue, because when device drivers are not installed properly or hardware issues come about, results are completely unexpected and atypical.
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Yep, thats my gut instinct too, but after 3 complete reformats with EE, I cant argue with the results at this stage. <br /><br />I guess its just something time that will tell <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />