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Error 18452

Hi, I’ve got this error (Login failed for user ‘COELHO’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection) when I’m trying to connect a remote server using a Delphi aplication. It works when I was using SQL Server 7, but now I’m using SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition and this error appears. Security Mode is Mixed Mode on the Local Server and Windows Only on the remote server.(I don´t want to change them) Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks crfilho Claudionor C. Rocha Filho

Are you saying you are trying to connect to a remote server that has a security mode of Windows only and you are using a SQL id? If so this will not work. SQL is assuming COELHO is a Windows id and if it is not or if it is and the Windows id (as opposed to the SQL id) of COELHO is not authorized this can’t be done.
This problem is more likely to occur when both Multi-Protocol and TCP/IP sockets trusted connections are attempted from the same client computer. Connection stress also makes the problem more likely to occur. So check the enabled protocols on the SQL 2000 Server. Satya SKJ
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Thanks for your reply, The protocols are Named Pipes and TCP/IP. On the remote server there is a Windows Account named COELHO, wich also exists on the Local Server. The both accounts have the same password. I can’t understand why did the Delphi aplication work on a SQL SERVER 7 and doesn’t on a SQL SERVER 2000. Thanks Again
Claudionor C. Rocha Filho

As mentioned you can not login with a sql login named COELHO on a SQL Server running in "Windows only" mode. You need to change it to Mixed Authentication.
Hi, I’ve already solved the problem. The problem was on the Delphi driver. I changed the connection to use a ODBC driver and it works perfectly. Arqyle, I should gave you more information. There are trusted relantionship between Local domain and the remote domain. I added LocalDomainCOELHO on the Remote Server with sysadmin privileges. I’m trying to connect on the remote server with LocalDomainCOELHO credentials. As I’ve already said, it was working on SQL SERVER 7. Thanks agair for your help. Claudionor C. Rocha Filho