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Error 18452 not associated with a trusted connecti

One of the users can connect to Server A from SQL Analyzer with NT Authentication, but fail to connect to server B. However, everybody else can connect to both Server A and Server B with NT Authentication. Note that the login is appropriately set. Both servers have the same information:
OS: Windows 2000
SQL: 2000 (SP3) Any ideas? Thanks!

As far as I know the error only happens if you’re trying to connect using a sql username to a server that is set for Windows Authentication only. Are you sure that the user is connecting using Windows Authentication? Cheers
This problem is more likely to occur when both Multi-Protocol and TCP/IP sockets trusted connections are attempted from the same client computer. Connection stress also makes the problem more likely to occur. Use one of the following workarounds:
Use trusted connections over named pipes where appropriate.
Disable multiprotocol for SQL Server using the Server Network Utility. _________
Satya SKJ

If your SQL Server is configured to allow Windows authentication only,
try using the mixed mode authentication (SQL Server and Windows) and see if this will solve the problem. Right click on the Server Name -> Properties -> Security tab (in Enterprise Manager)
then change the Authentication to ‘SQL Server and Windows’. Jon M
Hi Satya, the server is using Name Pipes and TCP/IP. If I take out the Name Pipes, is this going to affect anything?
Make sure the client is also configured to use similar netlibs.
I don’t see any problem in modifying such option, also follow the other suggestions. _________
Satya SKJ

Yes, the client has the same protocals. I even set up an alias with TCP/IP, but also failed. As I mentioned, everybody else can connect to the server with NT Auth, just this one particular laptop cannot. By the way, the user usually connects from home to the company, maybe there is some security setting that we need to set on his laptop? Just to remind, he can connect by using NT Auth to Server A, but failed on Server B. Should I check the MDAC too?
Yes, that helps too/ _________
Satya SKJ

Can you please tell me what should I check? I am a very, very young DBA (just a little bit over a month), don’t quite know what to do. Thanks!
Great, now I have somebody else who can do the opposite. User 1 – can connect to Server A, cannot connect to Server B
User 2 – Can connect to Server B, cannot connect to Server A ???
How is your user connecting from the remote location RAS, VPN, or other? Is everyone in the same domain and subnet? If not then how are they connected? Do you have the ability to test a user through SQL security, bypassing NT authenication?
The problem resolved. It is due to the users are connecting to the network without logging into the domain. Thank you very much for everybody’s help!! I really appreciate that!!