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Error 8909

My company has been migrating Oracle databases to MS SQL Server for years, but recently I have been seeing problems like this example. DBCC results for ‘tablex’.
Server: Msg 8909, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Table error: Object ID 695582853, index ID 29944, page ID (1:1022477). The PageId in the page header = (4991:-969211840).
There are 0 rows in 0 pages for object ‘tablex’. The only way I am able to get past this issue is to allow data loss. Does anyone know what causes this issue or a better way of recovering from it?
You don’t happen to run a shrink operation at the same time as a dbreindex? If so, then this cam cause this message, but is benign. Reschedule the shrink or dbreindex operation so that they don’t overlap……port/kb/articles/Q277/8/48.asp&NoWebContent=1 Cheers