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Error: Could not find row in sysindexes for database. 8966, 823 and 602

Long ago, not long ago…. No doubt that many of you might have gone through the error above within your SQL environment, also I see many forum posts out there to resolve the issue. The bottom line of this issue is Hardware and no other issue can contribute such a problem. So this is where DBA’s role is enhanced to take care of SQL Server hardware too. By going further into details recently System Operations &amp; Developers complained about error they are receiving whenever tried to select data…(<a href="">read more</a>)<img src="" width="1" height="1">
The error 8966 is encountered in SQL Server when the DBCC CHECKDB command fails to repair the corrupt or damages SQL database. The occurence of the error is a clear indication that the corruption is severe and you need to use an expert tool to get rid of the error. Use a reliable tool to repair SQL database and access the data that has become inaccessible.
Appreciate your comment on the post, I’m sure for the review of your tool which is related to SQL Server it is ideal if you can get in touch with Webmaster and get the reviews up.

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