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Error from ODBC driver ??

Hi, I’ve a couple of applications, written in VB6 et VB.NET, running on updated XP SP2 PC’s. They are talking with a SQL Server 2000 DB (25 licenses). From time to time (seems to be random), I get an error on the PC’s: "Unable to load sql server oledb provider resource dll. The
application cannot continue" 10-15 msgbox pop at the same time with that message. Afterward, I have to close the application to resume the DB connection. I also have a software, written in VB6, running on Win2000 PC’s, connected to the same DB. I never got that message. Someone have an idea what the hell it means??! I’ve been puzzled by this since this summer and I could not found out what it is. [V] thanks a lot for your help, ———————
Dominic Gagné
Montréal, Canada
Turn off XP firewall and try again.
Luis Martin
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Bertrand Russell
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Confirm the service pack level on SQL Server.
Check this GG…SQL OLEDB provider resource dll."&btnG=Search lnk as well. Satya SKJ
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