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ERROR Handling in SSIS

I have an SSIS Package That takes data from an Excel file and transforms certain columns using several Convert Data tasks and a Derived Data task at the end before loading data into the SQL table I have an error handling step which redirects any faied rows into a text file. The problem I’m having is this error message when I go to map the text output. "There is more than one data source column with the name "__". The data source column names must be unique." When I go into the column property of the Flat File Connection Manager Editor I see two columns for each actual columns but am not allowed to delete any of them. Any help would be appreciated.
Just digging the old thread, not sure whether you are able to recover this or not. As far as error handling is concerned in SSIS, it depends on how you are handling logging. If you use a custom log provider, you can code it to do whatever you want, including ignoring some or all of the errors raised. Or, if you control logging by using a custom script task in the OnError event, you could code it to not log the error Satya SKJ
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