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Error in Transaction Replication

Dear Friend,
I m using SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition SP1. I am doing Transaction Replication between my production Server & standby server. Standby Server is in same Domain. When I ran the snapshot agent first time I got the following error.
"An insufficient number of arguments were supplied for the procedure or function db0.fnBRK_AccountSecurities". It is showing that there is an error in function db0.fnBRK_AccountSecurities
but it is working on my production server nice….
What to do to remove the error?
Please guide me.
Avoid this error from happening, always make sure that you pass the same number of arguments that a stored procedure or function is expecting. Satya SKJ
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Dear Mr.Satya,
This UDF is working allright in my Production Server…there is no error.Then why it is giving error in replication…? Or I m missing some steps? me.
Why the snapshot agent executing the FUNCTION?
Snapshot copies/creates all the objects and copies the data to the destination but will not execute the functions/procedure…or am I missing something?? Run the sql profiler to see what is the problem at the standby server… MohammedU.
Thanks Mr.Mohammed,
U got my point.Let me try to find out….
Try removing the comments from the code. (especially /* … */).
I think that SQL on the subscriber is trying to recompile the function. It happended to me before. An removing the comments seemed to work. Cheers, Zoran