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Error Message while deleting a Job

Hello, I am receiving an error while I try to delete a Job in Enterprise Manager: The error is: Error:14274: Cannot add,update, or delete a job (or its steps or schedules) that
originated from an MSX Server.
We are trying to delete a database job maintenance but it doesn’t let me. Can anybody tell us what we can do to fix this? THANKS.
Have you changed the name of your SQL Server recently, or after the creation of this job ? If so, update the ‘originating_server’ column of msdb..sysjobs table with the new server name and then try deleting this job.
You are trying to delete a maintenance plan that has been created in the Master server of the "Multi Server Administration" (MTA).
When you delete a maintenance plan you are actually delete the underlying jobs. You can’t delete the job in the Target server of MTA but you can delete there the maintenance plan. But when you delete that, SQL server tries to delete the job in the target server, which is not possible. You should delete the maintenance plan or its jobs in the Master server. this will automatically delete this plan/jobs from the target server. I hope that will help
Aviel Iluz
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Could it be a job that was passed from a Master server to your server? if so it may require deletion from the master prior to being able to remove it from your machine. HTH, Steve
Hey Aviel, us Aussies are quick on the up-take, and you’re obviously quicker than me! HTH, Steve
Refer to this KBA;en-us;281642 to resolve.
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