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error on sql box

I’m getting this error, and the server shuts down itself sql server 2000 with sp3 on it anyone get this before??? Sytem failure Stop error 0X000000c5(0x00060070)0x00000002,0x0000000,0x809c329
Do you have any more information then that? What is occuring when the error occurs?
Is there any information in your system event log, application event log, SQL Server Error log, that could provide additional information?
How often is this occuring? Zach
Sounds like some sort of hardware problem here, check out for all events on the server and network. Satya SKJ
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In my opinion its memory problem check your windows eventlog for the same.
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You need to see if a SQL Server dump log was created. If so, it would be located in the SQL Server Log directory. Send the dump file to Microsoft for analysis if you can’t figure it out. A support ticket costs $250. MeanOldDBA
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