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Error running xp_msver stored procedure

When I attempt to run the extended stored procedure xp_msver, I get the following error: Msg 50001, Level 1, State 50001
xp_msver: Unable to allocate GetFileVersionInfo buffer. I can execute other queries and extended stored procedures (xp_logevent, xp_readerrorlog) without getting the error. I have confirmed the procedure calls the xplog70.dll file and the file is in place. The version of the dll on the failing server is from 4/6/2002. The version on a server I have where the procedure works is 12/17/2002. Sound like a version problem? Because other extended stored procs work fine, I am guessing the buffer referenced is free enough to process the request?!?
What OS and service pack and SQL version/service pack do you have on the different computers? Try upgrading to the latest service pack on SQL.