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error: SQL Server is not known to running

message pops up as
SQL Server is not known to running. Are you sure you want to connect I have SQL Server 7 installed on Windows XP
Change the SQL Server registeration settings and select "Automatically start SQL server when connecting" Gaurav
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SQL Server registeration setting is already set to Automatic
Is there a firewall or router between you and SQLServer? If so, then port 1434 needs to be open or you need an alias set up in Client Network Utility OR Are you running SQL7 on the same client as the one running Enterprise Manager? Are you able to connect the database after this message? Cheers
SQL7 is running on the same client as the one running Enterprise Manager. Yes! after this message I am able to connect to the database
is SQL7 using only named pipes? Check the network client/server utility Cheers
TCP/IP and Named Pipes are enabled in the client network utility
Named Pipes
MultiProtocol, are enabled in the server network utility

Make sure that only named pipes are enabled, this is the only usable protocal for you. It will be TCP/IP that is causing your message (I’m fairly certain anyway <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /> )<br /><br />Cheers<br />Twan
I disabled TCP/IP from the client network utility but still I am getting the same message [V]SQL Server is not knowm to running
hmmm… That is odd… I’m sorry Shaily, but I’ve run out of ideas at the moment… I run SQL2K on XP and have not struck a problem, but have never tried SQL7 on XP… Twan
Ok !!!!! Thanks for your help!!!!
Moved to General DBA forum which is appropriate. _________
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