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Error trying to apply SP 3 to SQL 2000

When I try to apply Service Pack 3 to my SQL 2000 Standard Edition, I go through all the dialog boxes. After clicking OK on the final dialog box (Error Reporting), it says "Setup is gathering data" and then I get this error message: "Setup was unable to verify the state of the server for an upgrade. Verify the server is able to start and that you provided a valid sa password and restart setup". SQL Server was running before the upgrade, but after clearing this error message, it is stopped. It restarts without a problem. Environment: Windows 2000 Server SP 3 (upgraded from Windows NT 4.0). SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition (upgraded from SQL 7.0). SQL 2000 security is set for SQL and Windows authentication. SQL Service is running under the System account. Problem occurs whether I connect with SQL or Windows authentication. I also can’t apply SP 2 — same problem.
I have no problem connecting locally or remotely to the SQL Server, using Windows authentication or as sa.
In all other respects, SQL Server appears to be working correctly.
I’ve done this on two machines using identical procedures. It works on one but not the other. I’ve installed SP3 many times on different machines, and this is the first time I’ve had a problem. Thanks,
There are some steps to troubleshoot the connectivity problem between the client and the SQL Server.
1. Make sure that the Net-Library protocol ‘TCP/IP’ is enabled on the SQL Server and that the TCP port 1433. 2. Ping the server to test the network.
3. Use ‘telnet 1433’ to verify that the SQL Server is listening on this port. If the three steps above can be executed successfully, you should connect to the SQL Server without any problems. Normally SP installation starts the SQL service in single user mode. If another application ‘grabs’ the only connection before the setup program does, the installation will not continue. Make sure to stop all unnecessary services on the server before applying SPs. Make sure you don’t have blank password for SA. HTH Satya SKJ

Also try enabling Mixed mode authentication while applying SPs. HTH Satya SKJ

I am guessing that the server you are having problems with has some corruption somewhere, such as in the registry. I don’t know how to fix this problem. If this is a very important production service, I would consider calling Microsoft Support. If it is not that important, you might consider first reinstalling SQL Server on it, then installing the SP, but I can’t guarantee the results, but this is what I would consider. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
In the light of Brad comments about Registry, I reckon the workaround : Check the value registry key [HKLMSYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETCONTROLFileSystemNtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation] (this is basically used to disallow 8.3 name format creation). If the value is 1 then its disabled, modify it to 0 and reboot the machine to take affect. HTH
Satya SKJ

Thanks, Satya. Tried everything you suggested, no luck yet.
The software from my company sets NTFS8dot3NameCreation to 1, and it was in this state, but the same is true for all the other machines in my company’s lab, and it didn’t affect applying SP3 to them. I think something is corrupted on this one machine (it’s a test system). It’s just easier if I blow it away and start again. Thanks to both of you for your quick replies. This is a great forum. –Mitch
Make sure no web server or application is trying to access your sql server during the upgrade or the installation will fail. Also check out this article: "Why am I having problems installing SQL Server 2000 SP3?" /Argyle

Also SP3 Readme.html gives idea about errors and other information. HTH Satya SKJ