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ERROR – Unable to connect to SQL Server ‘(local)’

We have been facing this error for the past few days. There is an automated job which gives READ access to a database, running @ 6 AM everyday. The job keeps on failing with the message :
<<< Unable to connect to SQL Server ‘(local)’. The step failed.>>>
The wierd part is When i run that job manually just after it failed it is running to success Please let me know your opinion guyzz
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check the sql server registration properties.
U can even add thats erver alias in client network utility.
Set remote server connection timeout to 0.
also check the connection used if the server is on mixed mode then instead of windows authentication check it with sa login if that helps.
Is this a SQL Server job, or some batch job you have setup? If it’s a SQL Server job, what username is it running under? Does that user have access to the particular database to set the permissions properly? If it’s a SQL Server user, have you ran EXEC sp_change_users_login ‘REPORT’ to see if there are any issues with orphaned users? Is there more information in the SQL Server error log or eventvwr log? Also, this is the default instance, not a named instance. Correct? MeanOldDBA
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