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Error while using xp_sendmail and @query

I’m getting the following error message execute the following sql statement. SQL Statement —- EXEC xp_sendmail ‘rsmith’, @query = ‘sp_configure’ Error message —-ODBC error 8198 (42000) Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user ‘xyzRobert.smith. The SQL Server version is 2000, the domain ID and the SQL Server is on the same domain.
However, I do have email alert up and running on this server. The following commands work just fine. EXEC xp_sendmail ‘rsmith’, ‘The master database is full.’ Has anyone else had this error message? Any help would be greatly appreciated
This KBA has the required solution. Satya SKJ
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Hi magictech,
I’m having the same issue as you when I try to use xp_sendmail with @query option. I tried KB834124 suggestions, but it didn’t fix the problem and I’m wondering if you got it fixed.
Has anybody actaully solved this problem? The microsoft article is usless. I have 30 SQL Servers setup identicle to one another and only 2 have this problem. This is driving us nuts.