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Error with T-Log Backup

Hello I have maintenance plan that takes backup of log file and db every night. when I am trying to T-Log backup every one hour , the job is failing and giving me the error " failed with the following error: "BACKUP LOG cannot be performed because there is no current database backup" How should I reslove this. Thanks in advnace.

Is this the first time you are taking a backup of that particular database? You need to have a full backup of the d/b atleast once before taking the log backup. Satya
Yes , I have a DB backup every night . I have the Log file and the DB backup every night. Just today I have started the T-Log backup every one hour and getting this error. Thanks
Yes, you might be taking full backup every day but may be you didn’t perform full backup after changing the recovery model to You must perform a full database backup before you back up the transaction log for a database in SQL Server 2005 and in SQL Server 2000
Mohammed U.