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Excel file – Mixed Data Types

I am reading from and excel file using OLEDB.
Due to mixed data types in a column im getting null values inserted into my dataset when i read the contents of the excel file.
I have modified the connection string to have extended properties IMEX=1
I have also modified the registry values ImportMixedTypes=’Text’ and TypeGuessRows=0. However now im getting the error.
‘Could not find Installable ISAM’ I have also modified the DataLinkProperties.
i.e Provider = MS Jet OLEDB
All – Extended Properties i have specified Excel 8.0
Connection – since i am not refereing to a databse i selected my input excel file ( is this the problem!! ) But im still getting the error ‘Could not find Installable ISAM’ Pls help!! Regards,
Are you using SQL Server to handle data in an Excel sheet? Well, as you’ve noticed, even Excel itself is very bad at handling data in its own file format. At least you know that when you open an XLS file using Excel, it should open without driver problems. So do the processing outside of SQL Server. Or use a more appropriate storage for data, like an MDB file.