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Excessive RAM usage…?

I am relatively new to SQL server and still not sure what the average memory usage would be a an SQL DB. I am running a Win2K Advanced Server with SQL 2000 Standard Edition SP3. The application is a classic ASP app running on IIS 5. SQL memory settings are set to dynamically set the amount of RAM to use by the SQL server. I have 10 identical databases setup with about 1-2 users per database accessing it at the same time. The traffic is relatively low for the number of DBs. When I start SQL server, it takes up about 36MBs of RAM and then by the end of the day it goes up to about 176-178MBs. What I noticed is that it doesn’t free up the memory after it completes whatever processes it was running. However, I have not seen it go above 178MBs so far, even if I don’t restart the SQL Server. Is that normal? I’ve ran PerfMon and Profiler but didn’t see anything suspicious. Any advice would be appreciated.
What is sql server memory configuration?. (SQL server properties) Luis Martin
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It is set to Dynamically Configure SQL Server memory. I have 1GB DDR memory in the server. I just checked it through the Task Manager and it’s showing total memory usage at 188,648K

yes that is normal. SQL will only release the memory if it is restarted or if the OS is coming under memory pressures, ie free memory less than 4-10 MB Cheers
If you want to limit the memory SQL uses, look up sp_configure in Books Online. You might want to consider this with only 1GB of RAM unless the databases are all just really small. MeanOldDBA
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http://www.sqljunkies.com/Article/D1B7C756-4725-4D31-A53D-C0A47976E6BB.scuk for starting point and information. Satya SKJ
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