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Export a database from SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000

Hi I have databases in SQL 6.5 that I have to import into a SQL 2000 instance. I tried to find out in the books online but most of the time it refers to upgrading of 6.5 to 2000. Is there any method I can backup/export by 6.5 databases and then re-import into a SQL 2000 instance. Thanks
If you want to export the whole 6.5 database to 7 or 2K then you should choose UPGRADE which is reliable and legendary. Also you can use DTS but not all the objects will be transferred. Follow the BOL for information provided. Satya SKJ

Thanks Satya, I found some notes and FAQs in the books online and it seems that I have to use the Upgrade wizard. But now I have another problem. The notes say:
On the Start menu, point to Programs/Microsoft SQL Server-Switch, click SQL Server Upgrade Wizard, and then click Next.

Now I can’t find the "Upgrade wizard" in my menu. Is there an executable that I can launch directly? Thanks again for your help.

You have to install the upgrade wizard when you install SQLServer 2000. If SQLServer 6.5 and 2000 are on different machines, I would create a script of the 6.5 database and run that on the 2000 database for the definitions. Next you can use DTS to transfer the data. This works fine for me.
Thanks everyone.
On top of 6.5 installation when you install SQL 2K it will install this Upgrade option under the programs group. How the SQL 2K instance is it Named or Default? Satya SKJ

The SQL 6.5 is the default and the SQL 2000 is a named instance. However, the upgrade option is nowhere to be found. Is there anyway I can re-install just the upgrade wizard? Would I then have to re-apply the service pack 3? Thanks
Install SQL 2K as default instance. Satya SKJ

Thanks Satya. [xx(] Unfortunately the SQL 6.5 must remain the default. I have the impression I’ll have to take the bcp route to transfer my 6.5 databases. Any suggestions?
If the 6.5 system must be used, then you can use DTS for the data transfer. By any chance to get optimum performance for SQL 2K then upgrade wizard is best suitable. Ofcourse BCP would be ideal for the data transfer too, but it should run table by table. HTH Satya SKJ