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Exporting Stored Procedure

I have around 60 sp for a db on my local server.I want to export them to remote production server.I am wondering how can I export Stored proceedures??
you can do it with dts / import export wizard tooo regards hsGoswami
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or you can script the SPs and run them in the remote production server

OR, you can create script of SP’s.. right click on database, all task..’Generate SQL script’.. here select only sp in ‘object to script’. Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind
oops! Deepak and I posted same answer in few seconds
I would go with SCRIPTING option as it gives you a chance to recreate the SPs with no issues. Satya SKJ
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Also, with scripting you have done the first step to treat your SQL Server code like any other sourcecode. You have something you can stored in sourcesafe. —
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