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failure in connection to SQL server2000

hi all,
my problem is failure in the connection to SQLserver2000 remotly( to city a) by enterprise manager or query analyzer via windows authentication ( this error appears "login failed for (domain/user)" ),while no problems happened in the connection when i would to connect to other servers at other locations(to cities b,c) via windows authentication. note that i can access to (city a)server via sql server authentication , but i want to access to this server(city a) via windows authenication as the other locations because this authentication mode is policy of our system, and note also that persons in city b can access to all servers (city a,c) via windows authenication . regards,
Could you check if the ODBC connection is made through the standard security of SQL Server of trusted connection security? Is the SQL Server authentication mode match the security option of ODBC connection?
Could you using the Query Analyzer to connect the SQL Server? That is, if you use the standard security, such as use the account ‘sa’, when using ‘sa’ in Query
Analyzer, could it connect the SQL Server. When it is a Windows authentication, when connect the SQL Server by Query Analyzer, you should choose the Windows Authenticatin in the Query Analyzer. The fact that the login is ‘’ tells you why you’re getting this message. It’s because SQL Server can’t send those delegated credentials over. You actually just get, on the remote server, someone trying to log in as ‘’, which is obviously going to fail — rather than the domainuser name Satya SKJ
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