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File and Print Sharing turned off on Int

If you have and internal and external NIC on a SQL 2005 server used as a db for web server forms would there be a performance hit with file and print sharing turned off on the outside interface? In studying for 70-228 I see a performance tip about the setting sin file and print sharing and also have a production server lagging performance wise and was wonderign if this could be part of it. I guess it would be based on where the traffic flows? What does file and print sharing do for SQL? Is it safe to assume that since the db is working the external interface does not need file and print sharing because without it communication would cease? I assumed communication was all done over tcp/ip and no need for file and print sharing. I figured a SQL guru could set me straight on this.

turn off the print spooler service in Computer Management -> Services assuming you are not actually using your database server as a print server, it has a 1-2% performancce impact just being on, which not really noticeable
so if you are noticing problems, there are other problems